Across all of our programs, our team works to encourage, recognize and celebrate growth, no matter how incremental, in our students. We know that a small spark can lead to a burst of positive change and so we nurture each learning moment, question, and step towards progress. 

For Lakendra, a First Roots student in Attawapiskat First Nation, her growth moment came when she had the opportunity to give back. When we first met her, it was difficult for us to connect with her. She attended every workshop, but was often quiet and reserved. That is, until we started planning for our community feast. When talking about the building blocks of a healthy meal, she lit up. She immediately told us she had a recipe she’d love to share – a chicken and rice dish she enjoyed at home. Lakendra sat with our staff, detailing the ingredients she needed, and planning how she would scale the recipe to feed a large group. She worked with us to alter the recipe to include more healthy elements and took immense pride in having the dish included in the community feast. This confidence, dedication and ownership is exciting for us to see and a great example of how through building up the person you can inspire them to share that energy through everyday actions that add up to real impact. Listen to Glenn Marais, our Remote Programs Lead recount what this moment of growth was like.

During our Youth Leadership Institute in Vancouver, growth came from asking difficult questions, accepting feedback and pivoting when needed. Listen to our Western Canada Program Lead, Heather Prost describe what that process was like for the students they worked with. 

We’re excited to announce that more moments like these will be made possible for young people across Canada through an incredible investment from the RBC Foundation to expand and improve our Youth Leadership Institute. Together, we’ll make it possible for hundreds more young people to build the skills they need for success. Find out more about our partnership here.