Though the landscape in Canada is beginning to look more ‘normal’, the challenges facing children and young people are far from over. The pandemic continues to have long term effects on young people’s mental health, wellbeing, confidence, educational attainment, and engagement with services. Youth work and leadership development will be a crucial part of the nation’s Covid recovery, providing spaces where young people feel safe, make friends, develop skills, and thrive. Now, more than ever, our approach to improve outcomes for children and youth across Canada is needed.

Our team remained steadfast in our vision of offering young people a turning point in their lives by providing leadership development through arts-based education.

“I spend a lot of time building a classroom community in the fall. The Thrive values build on the growth mindset and multiple intelligence units I teach and refer to throughout the year. I think it’s so important for students to hear and learn from others. Thrive facilitators have a talent for connecting with the students and inspiring them to take action and shine!"

Grade 5 Teacher, Learn Create Explore