Broadening & Building

from our new President & CEO

Jeff Schiffer

Firstly, it has been a pleasure to be welcomed by a board of directors and staffing team that is so clearly dedicated to connecting youth art and experiential learning as a pathway to self-confidence, skill development, and success. It is a privilege to join Thrive and to have the opportunity to play a part in moving this work forward.

we're here for...

Working Together

Thrive at a Glance:

Our programs staff are truly champions of youth who provide the children and young people we serve with amazing opportunities every day to support, to challenge, to stretch and to enable young people to become the best they can be and to reach their full potential.


Who We Serve

Though the landscape in Canada is beginning to look more ‘normal’, the challenges facing children and young people are far from over. The pandemic continues to have long term effects on young people’s mental health, wellbeing, confidence, educational attainment, and engagement with services.

Onward & Upward

The Rebrand

We have entered a new chapter and with the robust guidance of our strategic plan, we will continue deepening our impact, and will move forward with clarity in our mission, vision, and messaging that align with the work our teams have been doing to transform the lives of the youth we serve.


Partnerships & Beyond

Partnerships are a key value of our organisation and, in 2022, we were proud to be actively working in partnership with multiple education outlets to continue to build young people’s social-emotional, wellbeing and leadership skills.

by the numbers …


children and youth served

50% increase from 2020




of teachers agreed

that the relationships within their class were strengthened through participating in Learn Create Explore


of participants indicated

that they are more prepared for the workforce after participating in the Youth Lead Impact (YLI) program


total revenue

$ 0

total expenses

$ 0

reserve fund

$ 0

net surplus/deficit

$ 0

Our efforts to generate increased support for our mission, and to decrease our spending, have resulted in: financial stability, organizational stability, mission-driven focus on service delivery, increased impact for youth and increased participant reach.

national partner


National Lead Partner, Youth Lead Impact


Tina Osen

BradStreet Family Foundation

aubrey marla dan

Change Makers

Guy Carpenter logo

Judith Teller Foundation

Judith Teller Foundation


Tarik Muzaffar 

Chubb Insurance Company of Canada 

Benson Percival Brown LLP 

BFL Canada 

Branch MacMaster LLP 


Platform Insurance 

The Magnes Group Inc. 

Markel Canada Limited 


Shari Dodsworth 

James Rausch 

Lambert Morvan 

Kristal Au-Yong 

Edith Lando Charitable Foundation 

RBC Investor & Treasury Services 


CSN Collision Centres 

Ontario Arts Foundation 

Janice Koshida 

Avis Miller 

John Landry 

Liberty Mutual Canada 

Mark Baker 

Alan Coutts 

Robert Keilty 

Westland Insurance Group Ltd. 


Frank Hennessey 

Altas Partners 

Karim Chandani 

Marty Hughes 

Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company 

Walmart Canada 

Zoomer Radio AM 740 

Larry Lineker 

Michael Stewart 

Charles Brophy 

Semone Duerr 

Rossana Fung 

Matt Jackson 

Mark LeBlanc 

Kim Markey 

Jack McGrath 

Carolyn Mills Klein 

Jennifer Wilson 

Government Support

Community Partners


  • Blue Door
  • Building Roots
  • Prime Data
  • Stratford Festival
  • Toronto District School Board

British Columbia

  • Ballet BC
  • Backpack Buddies
  • Hastings Elementary School
  • Britannia Elementary School
  • Vancouver School Board
  • Surrey Community Schools
  • Stein Valley Nlakapamux School
  • Kumsheen ShchEma-meet School
  • Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc Council

First Roots

Prime Data
Simon Jacob Memorial Education Centre
Kattawapiskak Elementary School
Vezina Secondary School

Simon Jacob Memorial Education Centre

RISE Youth Leadership Awards

Going virtual didn’t slow us down! It was a wonderful event celebrating some remarkable young leaders. Our supporter engagement and generosity blew us away. 

We received so many caring and thoughtful comments and questions from supporters during and after the event. The genuine interest and passion we heard from supporter attendees made us feel that anything was possible, and that the future was very bright for the young people we serve and the organization as a whole.

our team

We were very fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate team in 2022. These wonderful people made all of our tremendous achievements and impact possible.

Thank you to our:

2022 Board of Directors

Tina Osen, Chair

John Landry, Treasurer

Zlata Huddleston, Secretary

Shari Dodsworth, Director

Janice Koshida, Director

Jannine Krish, Director

Lambert Morvan, Director

James Rausch, Director

Jennifer Wilson, Director

Mark Baker, Director

Jeffrey Schiffer, Director

2022 Staff Team

Jennifer Wilson, President & CEO

Lisa Norton, Director of Programs & Impact

Lori Collinge, Director of Operations

Mackenzy Willis, National Manager of Programs & Advancement

Jordan Donovan, Manager of Fundraising & Marketing 

Glenn Marais, Remote Programs Lead

monte neufeld, Youth Programs Lead

Amanda Morgan, Regional Lead

Sarah Thompson, Regional  Lead

Miyu Angelica Gagnon, Program Facilitator

Yasmine El-Hamamsy, Program Facilitator

Nicole Yen, Program Facilitator

Fatema Baldiwala, Finance Consultant

2022 Artist Educators & Community Speakers

Ryan Abedi

Justin Anantawan

Loizza Aquino

Fitsum Areguy

Matthew Ariaratnam

Rachel Babineau

Aileen Bahmanipour

Lara Barclay

Selina Boan

Rachel Bromberg

Aiken Chau

Listen Chen

Chloe Chloe

Erin Clark

Bug Cru

Jade Da Costa

Brittany Datchko

Austin Eckert

Spin El Poeta

Meghan Fulton

Trevor Goodyear

Taylah Harris-Mungo

Michelle Jamieson

Sophia Jaworski

Dante Jemmott

Meekyoung Jeung

Charlene Johnny

Eponine Lee

Beck Lloyd

Alyssa Martens

Beverley McEwan

Making A. Mends

Sarah Mooney

Anushka Nagji

Cara Nelissen

Dominique O’Bonsawin

Mimi O’Bonsawin

Jenny Parr

Cindy Paul

Lily Phan

Moe Pramanick

Courtney Revie

Neena Robertson

Lorraine Roy

Royalty the Local Vocal Coach

Hana Shafi

Yi Shi

Cortney Stephenson

Leesa Westwood

Jennie Wonnacott

Nadine Yousif

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers and former team members!

ThriveYouth Development Canada
@ CSI Regent Park
585 Dundas Street East, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5A 2B7


Telephone: 1-866-229-3496