Daily Dare – 02

Gratitude Collages

Materials Required: Computer with internet access; printer (if you don’t have a printer, you can do the activity without the template); pencils/markers/crayons; paper; scissors; glue.
Best for: Kids 3 to 16
Skills Developed: self-expression, reflection, emotional literacy. 
Independent Activity
This activity from KiwiCo.Corner asks kids to reflect on the people, places, activities, and things that bring them joy. With helpful templates and prompts, participants create a collage that shows all big and small things they are thankful for. Looking for a version that would work for an older audience? Take a look at this beautiful gratitude rainbow template (from the super talented folks at Scattered Printables).

Joyful Sounds with the Chrome Music Lab

Materials Required: Computer with internet access and speakers.
Best for: Kids ages 8 and up
Skills Developed: creative expression; problem-solving, pattern recognition. 
Independent Activity
For the aspiring musician in your life, challenge them to create their own joyful song using Chrome Music Lab. This awesome site allows users to explore sound, visualize sound waves and create melodies. You can see what others have created and share your creations on Twitter, right through the site.

The Gratitude Card Game

Materials Required: Ability to print the document, paper or card stock, scissors to cut out the cards.
Best for: Kids 6 and up and their families
Skills Developed: Emotional awareness, self-expression.
This activity requires two or more people to play.
This card game is a great way to discuss what we’re thankful for while having fun! Developed by educators and child mental health professionals, it’s a great way addition to any game night.

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