Header: Thrive Youth Leadership Hall of Fame

Kalli Lang

Kalli Lang

Kalli (she/they) received the Thrive Youth Leadership Award in 2011. 

What’s one of your memorable moments from your time with Thrive Youth?

“I’m so grateful for Thrive Youth and all the first experiences I never would have had without them. From seeing my first stage theatre show, first orchestra, first opera or my first time getting to be on stage, to my first Leadership Awards event where I got to wear a fancy dress and receive an award, I will never forget the opportunities I got to have, that my impoverished family wouldn’t have been able to provide. I learned and explored the arts, history, as well as responsibility. I learned key life skills I still apply today, like how to network and how to take an interview. Who I am today relies on my experiences with Thrive Youth.”

What are you doing now?

“From a childhood and adolescence bolstered by Thrive, today I am a musician– an artist, songwriter, producer and performer for myself and other artists. I’m beyond excited to have my own first record releasing Fall 2023! (You can also catch me in Canadian superstar Shania Twain’s music video “Waking Up Dreaming” and Cole Rolland’s video “Little Lies”!)”