Header: Thrive Youth Leadership Hall of Fame

Nayeb Malik


Nayeb (she/her) received the Thrive Youth Leadership Award in 2013. 

What’s one of your memorable moments from your time with Thrive Youth?

“Thrive Youth was an extraordinary opportunity that came my way, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been a part of it. This transformative experience allowed me to not only discover my true potential but also empowered me with an unwavering self-confidence. One particular occasion stands out vividly in my memory—the day when I was challenged to construct an architectural masterpiece using nothing but a deck of cards. Little did I know that this creative exercise would serve as a pivotal moment, helping me envision my future trajectory. It sparked a flame within me, igniting a passion for architecture that would shape the years to come.”

What are you doing now?

“Fast forward to the present, I find myself currently on the verge of completing my master’s degree in architecture while simultaneously embracing a full-time role within real estate. It is a testament to the skills and inspiration I acquired through Thrive Youth, which have propelled me to pursue my dreams.”