Header: Thrive Youth Leadership Hall of Fame

Sylvia Prodhan

Sylvia recording her spoken word piece

Sylvia (she/her) received the Thrive Youth Leadership Award in 2018. 

What’s one of your memorable moments from your time with Thrive Youth?

“A fond memory I have from my time at Thrive is reciting a spoken word poem I had written in middle school. The poem was about the pressures of gender roles, and also the violence that comes with it. I read my poem out loud to my peers, and later I had the chance to make a video of myself reciting this poem with the help of the teachers and resources at Thrive. In retrospect, my poetry was not all that profound, or amazing. However, feeling heard and supported by my community at that time meant the world to me, and that feeling is what makes this a positive memory, and which continues to resonate with me today.”

What are you doing now?

“Currently I am in post secondary, on my way to attain a degree in early childhood education. I continue to explore my artistic nature in my free time, through drawing, sculpting and painting. I work at the York University child care centre, as well as a restaurant in my neighborhood. I love gardening, spending time with my cat, and having introspective conversations with my friends. Through my hobbies and interests, I am learning how to heal generational trauma, break cycles, and to practice unconditional kindness.”

Sylvia recently spoke on RBC Investor Service’s Podcast about her Thrive Youth experience. Click here to listen!