Making Upcycled Bracelets

Finding ways to incorporate old clothing into art is a great way of upcycling! In this activity, you’ll learn how to make a few different types of bracelets from items you have around the house. 

Watch the video or read below for a step-by-step guide on how to make your own upcycled bracelets at home: 

Step One: Gather Materials 

You’ll need to gather the following materials before you start making your bracelets: 

  • Fabric to upcycle (anything that’s damaged and can’t be donated) 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape, a pin, or a stack of books to hold down your bracelet while you work. 

Step Two: Cut Fabric 

Cut your fabric into long strips. You’ll want to use fabrics that are fairly similar, and cut each strip to be roughly the same length and width so that your bracelet looks uniform. 

Step Three: Tie And Secure 

Line up the ends of your fabric strips and make a small loop, leaving a bit of space at the end of the fabric. Pull the smaller end of the fabric through the loop and pull it tight.  

Move the knot to wherever you want it on your bracelet — you’ll want to leave a bit of space at the end of the bracelet so that you can tie it on to your wrist when you’re finished. 

Use tape, a pin, or a stack of books to secure your bracelet to your working surface. 

Step Four: Wind Fabric 

There are three simple patterns you can use to make your bracelets: braid, spiral, and diagonal. For each pattern, you’ll wind the fabric together in a slightly different way. 

Braid: For this pattern, you’ll need three strips of fabric. Spread out your strips so that there is one in the middle and one on either side of it.  

Cross the strip on one side over the middle strip, then move the fabric so that the piece you just crossed is now in the middle, with a strip of fabric on either side of it.  

Repeat this process with the strip of fabric on the opposite side. Continue to repeat this process, alternating sides, until you reach the bottom of the bracelet. You can make this braid as tight or as loose as you like. 

Spiral: For this pattern, you’ll need three strips of fabric. Choose one strip to start with and move the others to one side.  

Make a number four by crossing the piece of fabric you’ve chosen over the others. Then tuck the end of the number four through the hole and pull it tight. 

Repeat this process a few times, then cross the strip of fabric over the other two pieces and mix them back in together. 

Repeat all of the above with both of the other pieces of fabric, then continue to alternate colours until you reach the end of the bracelet. 

The Diagonal: For this pattern, you’ll need at least four strips of fabric spread out evenly on the table. Make a number four using the outermost piece of fabric and the one next to it. Then tuck the end of the number four through the hole and pull it tight. Repeat. 

Cross the outermost strip of fabric over into the center. Repeat the above steps using the two strips of fabric in the middle, then cross the strip you were using to make the number four over the strip next to it. 

Repeat this process with the last two strips of fabric, then continue to repeat the entire pattern until you reach the end of the bracelet. 

Step Five: Put It On 

Tie another knot at the end of your bracelet and wrap it around your wrist. Tie the two ends together. 

Your upcycled bracelet is now complete. Don’t forget to take a picture and share it on social media with #DAREtogether and tag DAREarts so we can see what you’ve created! 

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