Alice Ng

Alice is a student, dreamer, and amateur crocheter based in so-called “Vancouver”. She is very passionate about creating spaces that can help us (whether that’s children, young people, adults, or our elderly) explore creative expression and strongly believes that centering relationships across the age spectrum and nurturing community power have been, and will continue to be, the building blocks for change.

Alice has tried on many hats in the past, but eventually settled on being a youth worker and program coordinator working in non-profits for some time before deciding to return to academia. She has a bachelors in behavioural neuroscience and is now a BA honours sociology student continuing her research on the non-profit industrial complex and on exploring possibilities for transformative politics.

If Alice was an art form, she would be a speckled green knitted book sleeve (what she was crocheting at the time she was writing this) — tasked with keeping books warm and holding pocket space for a wide range and ever-changing array of stories. If she was being painted anywhere in the world, it would probably be in a home that is well-lived in, surrounded by the people she loves most and is loved most by, and her future backyard chickens she is determined to have named Lemmy, Larry and ShuShu.

Some of her favourite activities include drinking piping hot tea, hanging out with seniors, looking up, reading books that have dragons in them, and talking (sometimes though not all the time out loud) to trees.