Brintha Manoharan

Brintha Manoharan (She/Her) is a visual artist and a baker. Brintha holds a Social Service Worker (SSW) diploma from George Brown College and has been working in the mental health field for over 4 years. With a long-standing passion for mental health, and advocating for social justice, Brintha started her journey in the Social Work field with the goal of improving mental health care, and working towards advocating for change that can help overcome the common barriers that many service users face while accessing services. Brintha is currently working as a trained mental health counsellor, Community Support Worker and a group facilitator.

Alongside her passion for mental health, Brintha is also a visual artist who uses art as a way to share her stories. Brintha’s favorite form of art is painting and she enjoys creating satire art, surrealism and pop art. Brintha believes that art can be used as a therapeutic technique to foster healing and mental well-being, explore emotions, develop self-awareness and cope with stress. She creates opportunities for art in her work so others can join her, and use it as a tool to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

During her days off from work, Brintha also enjoys baking for her cake business, sewing, trying new food spots in Toronto, and spending time with her pet hedgehog.