Chantel Wicks

Chantel joins us after being a teacher for 12 years. She wanted to ensure that her second career would continue to impact the lives of children and teens because she believes in giving youth as many opportunities as possible to flourish and grow. After all, children are the future.

If Chantel could be any art form, she would most definitely be music! She believes music is medicine and is a major contributor in positively impacting her overall health and wellness. Chantel has a constant soundtrack playing in her mind 24/7. She will often break out in song and dance at various points throughout the day, though singing is NOT her forte. If someone painted a picture of her anywhere in the world, she would be outside with her husband and her dog, Archie. Somewhere with mountains behind her, water in front of her, surrounded by wildflowers, trees, fresh air, and sunshine (with music playing, of course!).

Chantel was diagnosed with IBD at the age of 20 so when she isn’t working, she spends a lot of her time volunteering and advocating for patients and their families who have the same disease as her. She loves spending time with her husband, family, and friends, taking Archie for walks, traveling, camping, kayaking, reading, dancing, attending concerts, and enjoying delicious food.