Chris Jia Wen Carrière

Christie Jia Wen Carrière she/her (or Chris) is a painter, illustrator, and artistically curious individual. Chris is intrigued by, and aims to explore, the nuances of the in-between. In-between her own ethnic identities; in-between culture and familial nostalgia; community and alienation.  

Currently, she is working as a freelance illustrator, a painting instructor, and as the Co-Creative Director at Tea Base, a grassroots community arts space located in Chinatown. In this role, Chris has collaborated with MOCA, Myseum, the AGO, The Gladstone Hotel, Mayworks, and others. She obtained her BFA in Drawing & Painting with an Art History minor from OCAD University.

Since March 2020, Chris has been living and working out of the 4 walls of her bedroom, which can be found somewhere in Tkaronto/Toronto.