Glenn Marais

Glenn has a Masters Degree in Community Music from Wilfred Laurier and has been with DAREarts since 2007, when he saw an article about the All the Arts Program in The Toronto Star. He was so moved by the cause that he called to volunteer at an event.

It is important to Glenn to be a part of an organization that instills belief and hope in young people and provides an opportunity for them to dream and pursue their goals. He truly considers DAREarts to be a blessing in his life.

If Glenn could be any art form, he would be a song, because everyone may hear it differently but the impact of the emotion connects us all and that is powerful.

Glenn’s favorite creative moment was the night he co-wrote “Everybody Wants to Be Like You” the song came together like magic, won a Juno Nomination and continues to be played on radio. It was a very proud moment.

Glenn’s favourite activities: spending time with his kids; writing music; creative writing; Yoga; cycling; learning how to draw and paint; reading; watching great movies.

pronouns: he/him