Gloria Hope

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Gloria is an Indigenous  Visual Artist, author/ Illustrator, sculptor, mural painter and facilitator of art and nature programs. She is a graduate of Seneca Collage Visual Arts and Commercial arts from George Brown Collage, her fine arts skills she attributes as a gift inherited from her ancestral roots

In her works she merges elements of her culture her connection to the land, and spontaneous visualization. This assist others in connecting to the natural world. She feels strongly that this process helps foster individual healing and growth whereby developing a respect for the environment as well as an understanding and reverence for all living things.

“I have walked the way of the natural world all my life, running barefoot with the wind throughout our one hundred and fifty hector farm while gathering rocks, feathers, and wood that spoke to me along the way. Since a young child I have known, felt and lived a deep magical connections to the Earth with a natural intuitive communication and profound reverence for all living things. I have always created with the vision, tools and materials of the Earth, nature is my inspiration the natural world is my studio and canvas.”

Gloria’s focus is centered on connecting children to the natural world. She merges the elements of nature, art, story telling and visualization to stir the imagination. She believes that the children of today suffer from Nature Deficient Disorder NDD, a disconnection to the natural world and disconnection to self. She feels strongly that merging these elements will help in fostering individual healing, personal growth, positive self-image, respect for the environment and reverence for all living things. Her other passions include alternative building and sustainable living.

Artist Statement: In my works I merge the elements of nature, my roots and imagination.I focus on the beauty of the natural world seeing the spirit within the trees and land, I capture that spirit within my creations.