Harpo is the founder and host of an online community and podcast titled Brown Girl Guilt. By way of both the online community and podcast, Harpo speaks to her many experiences as a second-generation Canadian born in Surrey to parents who were born in Punjab, India. In chronicling her personal experiences, she sheds light on the nuanced experience of second-generation Canadians, while unpacking the many intersections of her identity.

Harpo is a brown girl who adores being a brown girl. She’s navigating and unpacking her own brown girl guilt and various other deep-rooted emotions, while continuously exploring what a world without that guilt looks like for herself and her contemporaries. She loves conversations, creating space, taking space, and cultivating space. A space she really loves exploring is the third space in which hybrid, bicultural identities thrive & survive.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies from Simon Fraser University and a Master of Arts in Education & Society: Gender and Women Studies from McGill University, Harpo’s research has centered on the unique challenges experienced by second-generation Canadians occupying bicultural, hybrid identities.