Jennifer Wilson

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Jenn has 15 years’ experience in the non-profit sector with an emphasis on youth development, inclusive recreation, education, and developmental services. She is deeply passionate about youth leadership and the transformative power of the arts. She is an enthusiastic leader with a clear vision for the future of Thrive Youth that is rooted in increasing continuity of service, growing programs and impact, and building more young leaders across Canada.

If Jenn could be any art form, she would be Boogie Woogie piano – it’s unapologetically high energy, moves fast, has a driving rhythm, and puts smiles on the faces of its listeners.

Her most powerful creative memory is of sleeping under her dad’s grand piano as a child while he practiced into the wee hours of the night. Cozied in a sleeping bag, drifting off to the sweet lullaby of scales.

Favourite activities: spending time with her two young children; running; cycling; swimming; kayaking; drinking tea in the fall; playing in the mountains; real estate and DIY building projects; writing; baseball; jazz piano; sipping a Gojicinno while watching Gilmore Girls.

pronouns: she/her