Jennyfer Hatch

Jennyfer brings their lifetime experience immersed in musicality, with over 20 years of choral studies, 10 years of teaching musicians of all ages and abilities, and 3 years facilitating healing opportunities as a Certified Music Therapist. They’ve worked mostly within the mental health, grief, and trauma field, supporting folks to build their competencies and resiliencies.

Jennyfer sees DAREarts as…

DAREarts feels like a community of like-minded individuals supporting one another through creative, innovative means to support the maintenance and growth of positive connections and experiences. Through professional, trauma-informed care, Artist Educators facilitate various creative opportunities for disadvantaged youth to help them tune into and strengthen their resources, and assist with the realizations and actualizations of each incredible innate potential.

Jennyfer’s Personal beliefs:

This human journey feels like a series of yearnings and unfoldings over time. Jennyfer is humanistic and client-centered, with strong social justice and anti-oppressive influences – we are often our best resources.

If Jennyfer could be any art form, they’d be a soundscape; a musical improvisation of the sound environment, most preferably deep in a mountainous forest, complete with birdsong, water, and breeze.

Jennyfer’s most powerful creative memory were the moments on stage at the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts, where they sang a solo for a packed audience of international choruses, of Bein’ Green. Though this was now several years ago, this was their first of many peak experiences within music, and a powerful example of finding one’s voice and identity through music and expression.

Jennyfer’s favourite activity is cuddling up with their Ginger Cat!