Lisa Norton

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Lisa started with Thrive Youth as a summer student and volunteer way back in 2007!

The arts have always been Lisa’s outlet…for creative thinking, expression, and for overcoming life’s hurdles. Lisa can’t imagine how she would have navigated life without the skills and coping mechanisms that have come from challenging herself artistically. She’s seen how the arts can build community, inner strength, and perseverance. As part of the DAREarts team, she feels lucky to have the opportunity to support bringing these same critical experiences to kids across Canada.

When Lisa was 15 she got her first digital art tablet by fluke; her grandpa bought it by mistake thinking it was a strangely designed wireless mouse. “Art supplies were a luxury that I could rarely afford, so being able to create digitally where the ‘paints’ were both unlimited and free completely removed the cost barrier”. It opened up a new world and became her favourite tool until it met its tragic end via a spilled can of pop in the late ‘00s.If Lisa could have any picture of her painted, she would be at home, surrounded by a clutter of technology, books, tea cups, and an oversized cat, listening to audiobooks or playing a video game.

Lisa’s favourite activities: reading; hiking; gaming; writing; drawing; exploring.

pronouns: she/her