Lori Collinge

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Lori came to Thrive Youth with over 16 years Executive Administration & Human Resource experience in children and youth based not-for-profit organizations and over 10 years Human Resource experience in corporate organizations.

Lori believes that everyone has an inner artist and it feels good to find it and when we feel good, we gain confidence and strength to do new and exciting things!

If Lori could be any art form, she would be music!  Every day she would be a different genre to suit her mood, the weather and where she was on that particular day!

If she were painted in a picture, she would be walking by the sea in a field of wildflowers.

Lori’s favourite activities: being with friends and family, being outdoors, walking with her dog at the beach, in the woods, or anywhere, gardening, listening to music, home arts and crafts, renovations, and golfing.

pronouns: she/her