Mackenzy Willis

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Mackenzy has been working at DAREarts for over 10 years. She started her journey as a student at DAREarts, then went on to become a volunteer, and a leadership award recipient. She is proud to be giving back to the program that allowed her to become her best self.

If she could be any art form, Mackenzy would be performing arts, specifically musical theatre. As a young person she could be found in the auditorium at school either on stage or impatiently waiting to be on stage. The true grit for her was in creating props, building sets, editing scripts, endless rehearsals, team building and the friendships to follow, but ultimately watching something so magical unfold before her eyes is what leaves her in wonder and fulfilment.

If painted anywhere in the world, she would be in her element up north somewhere remote, with her daughter. They would be sitting by a campfire with the lake in the background.

Mackenzy’s favourite activities: Spending time with her daughter; playing outside, rain, snow, or sunshine.

pronouns: she/her