Monte Neufeld

Monte is a fantastic queer-io, sprung from your grandma’s mismatched wool collection and ready to run through this world with enthusiasm and care. They are a white settler with Scottish and Russian Mennonite roots.  

Monte has been a community educator since 2013, and loves finding creative ways to break through nerves and support others in learning. They have a masters of social justice education and a bachelors in geography. A lovely, strange mix of mountains and glaciers and social justice! 

If Monte was an art form, you wouldn’t be able to tell if they were completed or a work in progress. There would probably still be glue drying and paint dripping as they continued to work out what exactly they are trying to create. If painted anywhere in the world, Monte would be surrounded by big trees with the sound of ocean in the distance (somehow the painting would convey sound!) and the smell of warm pine needles (somehow the painting would convey smell!).

Favourite activities: reading science fiction, the smell of campfire, imagining futures, snuggling with their cat, finding short cuts around town, sweaty bike-rides, multi-day hikes, laughing with friends, and eating fruit off the tree.

pronouns: they/them