Natasha Morano

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Natasha is the President of NHM Connect; an Ottawa based consultancy company that delivers tailored strategic advice, event management and corporate strategies to the non-for-profit sector. Natasha is the former Vice President of the Economic Club of Canada and possesses a Masters Degree in Political Science. She has a passion for education and recently completed her OFIS Private School Principals’ Course 1 and 2 with the goal to one day open a school for children from underserved communities.

If she were an art form, Natasha would be visual art, specifically Claude Monet’s 1899 famous painting Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge. To her, this painting represents the journey of life. It is there to cross and discover.

If painted anywhere in the world, Natasha would be on her horse, Royal Dalton, on a beach in the Caribbean.

Natasha’s favorite creative memory is of sketching – “When I wrap my fingers around a pencil and have a blank canvass to allow my stream of consciousness to manifest through art it provides me with self-reflection”.

Natasha’s favourite activities: nature; exploring her fabulous city; supporting local causes; horseback riding.