Sarah Thompson

Sarah holds a BA in Anthropology from Simon Fraser University, and is currently training to be an Expressive Arts Therapist through Langara College. Her professional worlds thus far have been customer service, theatre, and loose leaf tea. 
DAREarts creates the conditions for youth to develop their autonomy and creativity. Given that Sarah’s most profound calling is to nurture these inherent qualities, it seemed like a good fit. 
If Sarah were an art form, she would be zines. Zines are suited to all kinds of wonderful, strange notions. In particular, she’d be a zine chock-full of juicy social data collected for no actionable reason.  
If Sarah could have someone paint a picture of her anywhere in the world, she’d love for someone to catch her in any moment of spontaneous note-taking. She’s often writing down curiosities and lists, and those bursts of flurried cursive capture her essence. 
In recent months, she has spent a lot of time watching tv and weaving or crocheting. She’s just recently taken up textile arts, but already feels so connected to the magic of knots, creating warmth, creating texture. Sitting and breathing and crafting is so soothing to the nervous system. They just work so hard! 
When Sarah’s not working she’s a huge fan of enjoying herself. Snuggling with loved ones, watching baking shows, cleaning her house, artivism, reading, noodle-eating, and being with animals are all time-tested favourites. 

pronouns: she/her/they/them