Yasmine El-Hamamsy

Yasmine is a mixed-race settler of Irish and Egyptian immigrant parents, a spook-loving queer of the rain and desert. Yasmine has been a community educator since 2016 when they first sparked their excitement to be alongside others on learning journeys. They have a masters in community development and adult education and a degree in political science.

While Yasmine’s brain is dedicated to thinking out practical and creative ways to build community, their heart lies in making it happen. Whether through collaborative creative projects, seeing their favorite local bands play or getting their hands in the soil with their farming friends, Yasmine is always dreaming of new ways to connect with others.

As a creative of many hats (paint, music, drawing, digital art, mosaic, collage etc.), Yasmine loves to connect others with the opportunities to try out all the art methods of their dreams. They deeply believe that art is in the process and not necessarily in the final product. So if they were an art form, today they might be a song that never ends and always sounds a little different, tomorrow they might be markers in motion, making circles and circles and circles on a page.

In their own time they like to jump from activity to activity, make weirdo music, watch scary movies, care for their plants, cook and share food, and soak up the sun’s rays as much as possible.